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sales invoice format

Vertex42’s sales invoice template was designed with the small business owner in mind. It is a simple, professional, free solution for invoicing your customers or clients. Unlike our service invoice, the sales invoice includes shipping information and lets you specify the item number, quantity, and unit price. The calculations are done sales invoice for you, and you can specify the tax rate, shipping and handling, or other fees. Professional sales invoices help small businesses bill clients for their products and services to ensure a steady cash flow. The free sales invoice template from FreshBooks can help you get paid and streamline your small business accounting process.

  • A professional invoice format will include all of the necessary information but also be unique to your company.
  • The template is best suited for businesses that manufacture, sell, and ship tangible products that can be paid by check.
  • Occasionally, sales invoices are ordered ahead of the sale, with payment expected before the supply of goods or services; this is known as a proforma invoice.
  • As well as that, they allow you to keep track of payments coming in – and when they’re due – and goods going out.
  • Online invoicing software is a great choice if you are seeking an alternative to invoice templates.
  • With that in mind, I have started to experiment in Microsoft® Excel® and created several sales invoice templates all of which you can download on this very page.

Some goods and services also have different rates depending on state and federal laws. For example, certain types of machinery are taxed at different rates in some states depending on usage. You also need to include contact information to make it easy for buyers to contact you in case of any questions or problems. While most queries are done by email, it’s also a good idea to include your physical address and phone number. Invoice numbers make it easier for everyone to track individual invoices, especially when there is more than one outstanding invoice for a particular company.

Contact Information

If you have an international clientele, it’s especially important to avoid confusion between months and dates. It also helps customers understand when payments are due. In the header, include your company name, billing address, phone number, and email. Logos are optional but a nice touch to personalize your brand.

sales invoice format

It is commonly asked what the difference is between a sales invoice and a sales receipt. A sales invoice is issued to customers prior to payment and a receipt is sent after payment is received. Here are our free sales receipt templates for you to use.

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If you’re using a template, make sure the template includes all the fields you need. Your software may only require the customer’s email address, but it’s always best to include the physical address as well for any snail-mail emergencies. A purchase order is similar to a sales order, sent by the customer to a business to order products or services.

  • Leave a space to mark the invoice paid or unpaid for simplified future reference.
  • That’s why so many businesses have turned to solutions like Close.
  • Sales invoice for company who manufactures and ships products.
  • There are several different ways to issue invoices along with different payment methods.
  • This free invoice template can be easily customized to include exactly what products or services your customers buy.
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