I Identify as a Transgendered Lady. Is This a huge Concern?

Reader Question:

i will be a 49-year-old guy but identify as a transgendered girl. Really don’t live full time as a woman and may even never ever. You will find no hassle meet sugar mommaing and dating smart, intelligent females. They often times remark that we seem like “an ideal guy.” While I share with all of them my story, they operate.

Not too long ago, I happened to be witnessing a long-time friend. If there was actually any person nowadays which “got” myself, it absolutely was the girl. As soon as we informed her, I got equivalent outcome.

So is this as big of something as it looks? Will nearly all women look for this a deal-breaker regardless?

-Shari (Maryland)

Dr. Wendy Walsh’s response:

Sadly, most people aren’t as developed regarding dilemma of sex identity as you are. Too often people confuse gender character and gender identity with sexual positioning. They may think you will be also gay.

Subsequently there’s the added level many ladies today are looking for whatever think about to be a “real man,” whatever that will be, and any nontraditional gender behaviors change them off. But I say “most,” not totally all.

If you’re not already, I suggest you live-in big, liberal urban area acquire in touch with the transgender area truth be told there.

Trust me, there’s some one for everyone and you will believe it is if you look hard enough.

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