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More and more people are surfing the web via their smartphones, especially amid the pandemic. In fact, the most recent data on traffic sources shows that more than half (54%) of overall internet traffic comes from mobile devices. These programs provide means for websites to earn commissions by linking to products. As a member, we earn commissions on qualified purchases made through our links. It’s “good” to the extent that it gives you a backbone to build on. That backbone lets you solve higher-value problems by not having to start everything from scratch.

wordpress for web development

Creating and monitoring your keyword strategy is central to our WordPress design services. If you’ve performed a Google search on “what is WordPress,” you most likely did so after having experienced a WordPress website. WordPress is a website creation tool that powers more than 38 percent of the web — that means approximately 1 in 3 websites trust WordPress services. If you searched “how to design a WordPress website,” then you’ll find that this platform is considered incredibly user-friendly and easy to understand. The negative side of completely custom web development vs WordPress development is basically cost and time.

Step 5: Choose your WordPress theme. allows you to build self-hosted WordPress websites fast.It allows you to install WordPress directly on your own web hosting account. Also, they don’t have full control over customizing their site’s design with powerful WordPress themes. This powerful CMS allows you to easily build websites that work smoothly, look great, and require little maintenance. That said, if you learn how to build WordPress websites for clients, you won’t run out of work, trust me.

  • One of the most popular WordPress premium themes is Monstroid2 – a very lightweight multipurpose theme with a drag-and-drop builder.
  • StoreHub, a leading retail operating system for SME’s across Southeast Asia, partnered with Growth Rocket to cement its presence in the Philippines.
  • You can make blogs, social sites, video sites, E-commerce websites, business websites, forums, membership sites, and more by just installing some themes and plugins.
  • WordPress plugins provide a great deal of customization and flexibility to your WordPress site, as well as valuable features and tools for your visitors such as adding live chat.
  • According to Secunia, WordPress in April 2009 had seven unpatched security advisories , with a maximum rating of “Less Critical”.
  • Again, there are thousands of free plugins you can use right away.

Deliver an unmatched performance with the highest security standards on our enterprise content platform. Rest easy knowing that your site is isolated from others for added security and performance. Unlock access to 50,000+ plugins, design templates, and integrations.

Step 9: Don’t forget marketing!

The image directory aims to provide an open alternative to closed image banks, such as Unsplash, Pixbaby, and Adobe Stock, whose licensing terms have become restrictive in recent years. In January 2022, the project began to gather volunteers, and in February, its own developer website was launched, where team representatives were next selected. As of May 2021, WordPress is used by 64.8% of all the websites whose content management system is known, and 41.4% of the top 10 million websites. The WordPress Accessibility Team has worked to improve the accessibility for core WordPress as well as support a clear identification of accessible themes. The WordPress Accessibility Team provides continuing educational support about web accessibility and inclusive design.

wordpress for web development

Apart from customizing the design of your website, WordPress also allows you to add new features and functionalities. When it comes to creating a website for a client, nailing the design is just as important as getting the technical features right. But you can also download the WordPress software for free at Then, just link your installation to a database and you’re all set. When you sign up for a hosting plan, they will install the software for you to start using right away.

What Do Web Developers Use to Build Websites?

The core WordPress development team specifically designed the platform to cater to a non-technical audience. The WordPress CMS is so intuitive that it can make anyone feel like a WordPress web developer. All it takes is logging on to your WordPress admin dashboard, add or update your web content and see the changes immediately when you refresh the page. You can join a WordPress development agency and become one of the developers on their team. You’ll get job security and other people will do the marketing, sales, negotiation, and project management for you. And you’ll get to do plenty of WordPress development for diverse use cases and many customers.

wordpress for web development

You will, however, need to pay for web hosting and a domain name. WordPress makes it easy for you to share your event details and sell tickets. Blog – A blog is a special type of website devoted to sharing thoughts, photos, reviews, tutorials, recipes and so much more. Blogs usually display the most recently-published content first. Small agencies serve a local market, not an international one. “They tend not to be based in the city, so it’s a good option if you want to work in a town,” Bearne said.

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WordPress has a lot of automatically responsive themes and offers a mobile view option for web-based themes. Promote your business and connect with your target customers through a high-converting website, blog, or app. Growth Rocket’s seasoned WordPress team helps brands create irresistible shopping experiences that meet their budget and objectives. WordPress theme premium WordPress theme choices, you’ll find a set of ready-made options for various topics. These include business, services, beauty, fashion, photography, education, food, and many others.

wordpress for web development

In addition to WordPress, professional web developers normally have plenty of advanced tools to opt for. Most of these tools are more powerful to build complex websites than WordPress. Thus, WordPress is not always at the top of their list and this actually depends on many factors. You will be introduced to websites, browsers, and programming. Let’s talk about the roles of the various technologies and programming languages.

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WordPress SEO plugin – A WordPress SEO plugin like Yoast SEO or Rank Math can help you add additional SEO features and functionality. All WordPress websites will benefit from these must-have WordPress plugins. – WordPress plugins are bits of software that can be uploaded to extend and expand the functionality of your WordPress hire freelance wordpress developer site. You can get started today with a WordPress website in just a few steps. To use the version of WordPress, you’ll need to have a domain name and web hosting purchased from another reputable company like Liquidweb. If you’re just getting started with WordPress, there are a few important things to know.

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